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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have .......?   Did you check the online store before asking?

Days of Operation? Monday through Friday , 9-5 EST . We will try to answer all as soon as possible, but it will be within operating hours. Please message though the site.

How long until my order ships?   Normally the next day, Monday through Friday. Orders placed on Friday will ship the following week. If we are out of stock of an item it may take an additional day to produce the item. Mail is normally picked up around 1:00. 

I just finished my project and now I need decals this week!? ( I am going on a ride, race or sold the bike!!!)  Please include us earlier on your builds especially if you require custom designed graphics. Average custom time is 2 weeks or sometimes more. Even if you order in stock decals, until its packed up, and shipped that may take a day and the mail service will probably be 3 days, (lately longer)

Do You ship International?   Yes We do, International shipping options are available at checkout. 

Can you make a decal that I have?   Yes we can, please message us and we can take a look at what you have and if it can be accomplished.

Can you make a decal that I DON'T have?   Yes we can try, please message us with what you are looking for, We have a large inventory of old parts , bikes and NOS decals, we may have it or have a connection to a collector that may have one we can use to make a replica.

Do you buy old decals/parts?   Yes if it is a usable piece that we can use. We will buy decals cut off old fenders (do not need the entire fender) and rusted gas tanks , please contact us if you think you have something we may be interested in before you throw it out,

Are the decals SUPER THICK?   No, We try to keep them close to orginals thickness. We can use a thicker lamiate for a race type condition.

Thicker decals stick better!    No they are not, the thickness is in the clear laminate applied to the decal material, the adhesive on the decal material (viny) is what determines the adhesive properties, We can make a higher tack adhesive decal with a thin laminate, great for tough to adhere material like Porta Potties, Kayaks and some powder coated metals. The thickness is for abrasion wear.

Plastic Gas Tanks???   No, they will bubble, PERIOD! Why? the gas fumes work their way into the plastic and break down the adhesive on the back of the decal causing it to bubble, vent holes help, but you will still get bubbling and the older the tank he worse it is.

Can I use soapy water to intall?   Yes, it makes it easier, examples on the internet under "Wet Method"

If there a "Kit" Available?   If there is not one listed under that model, then there is not one available.

Due to a backlog of reproduction OEM graphics we are not at this time accepting custom design requests. Factory OEM inquires can be sent through here and please leave a detailed message about color change or motor size requests for consideration.

Visit the store to see if we have what you are looking for.

Location: Pennsylvania


Hours: by appointment



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If there is not a "Kit" listed , then we do not have one available for that model.

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